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We’ve moved

Posted by thetribehasspoken on August 24, 2006

Go there


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Scrimmage Report

Posted by thetribehasspoken on August 20, 2006

If you didn’t know, W&M football had a scrimmage today. Here is what I saw:


Jake Phillips started out rough, but towards the middle of the game he started to get it going. Had 3 straight completions, and completely fooled the D on a QB choice. Mike Potts looked the best of the QB’s. Early in the game he passed to Elliot Mack who after shaking off a defender gained about 50 yards down the sideline. He showed a fair amount of mobility, juking a defender and escaping pressure to gain a good number of yards. But the highlight of the night had to be his 60+ yard touchdown pass to DJ McAulay. We may have a QB controversy….again. Christian Taylor was the only other QB to get play time. He completed one pass and was sacked.


We didn’t get to see much of Elijah(who fumbled in one of his only carries), but DeBrian Holmes, Tony Viola, and Matt Nickerson got plenty of time on the field. Holmes had several solid runs, the best being a 20-yard run, beating a defender and getting to the 1. Matt Nickerson’s highlight was his 9-yard TD run, without being touched. Tony Viola took a while to get going, losing yards several times and dropping a screen, but by the end of the game he had 2 TD’s. Courtland Marriner, in the only play I saw of his, gained 3 or 4 yards.


Mack and McAulay really shone in the game, both getting huge plays. R.J. Archer made a few solid catches, and gained about 10 yards on a reverse play. Joe Nicholas wasn’t spectacular, but still got a few catches. The only other big play was John Taylor’s jumping catch, very impressive.


Matt Trinkle dropped a few passes. I definitely thought Andrew Atchison outperformed him, mainly because of his TD catch, where he got his on the 5 and drove his way into the endzone.


Not much happened here, but Cody Morris and Jake Phillips had a botched snap, and there seemed to be a lot of pressure on the QB(possibly due to the coverage)


Line seemed to get in the backfield a lot. Adrian Tracy(I may be wrong) forced an Elijah fumble early. Main thing to report was that back-up DT Josh Larkins was injured(looked like it may have been to the leg), but lucky for us he walked off the field unhelped.


Trevor McLaurin had a nice sack. Travis McLaurin had a spectacular tackle of Tony Viola behind the line early when the D was dominating. Solid play from the LB’s.


Coverage was good all game, Alan Wheeling had a great hit forcing Matt Trinkle to fumble. More changes to report than anything. Zach Stout did not play. Wheeling played FS(instead of CB). The worst news of the night, Kevin Allen was injured after dropping an INT. The injury was to his knee it looked like, and he needed help to get off the field. Some good news, though, as the team walked to the locker room after the game he was unhelped. He was limping noticably, though, and someone else was carrying his pads.


Sadly no Courtland Marriner returning kicks. Mack, McAulay, Cox, and Wheeling took back the kickoffs. R.J. Archer handled the punting duties. Some more bad news, Blair Pritchard looked pretty bad. 5-6 XP’s, but his FG’s were what worried me. He made a 33- and 36-yard kick, but then finished the game by missing 37- and 42- yarders, Kicking a -47 yard kick barely(if at all?) into the endzone, and then midding another 49-yarder. Where is Greg when you need him?

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Posted by thetribehasspoken on August 18, 2006

As some of you may know, fan site) has a yearly I-AA pick ’em and spead pool where you pick all the top 25 games as decided by AGS(link in sidebar). This year, I started 2 TTHS group’s, so join if you are interested!

On the left side of the page, under join a group and spread group, scroll down until you see TTHS(private) and do the same thing below in pick ’em!

Password is Jimmye

You can do spread, or pick ’em, or both!

I am hoping to have a new website before the MD game

Go Tribe!

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Trumbower to get Calvin’s Scholarship

Posted by thetribehasspoken on August 17, 2006

The Roanoke Times reported today that the scholarship used the season prior by Calvin Baker will be given to Provost award winner Adam Trumbower. I am glad a great kid like him finally gets a schollie, but am not so excited about the increased playing time in his future the Times suggests:

William and Mary men’s basketball coach Tony Shaver has extended a scholarship to senior Adam Trumbower, a walk-on guard from Cave Spring, where he was a first-team All-Group AA selection in 2003. Trumbower could be in line for increased playing time with the departure of Calvin Baker, whose transfer to Virginia also opened up a scholarship.

Trumbower is a great kid who gives a spark off the bench and always gives everything he has and more, but he just isn’t athletic enough to be anything more than a role player. Hopefully it won’t be an issue, as many think McFadden will step in and get a large chunk of the guard PT anyway.

That’s all I got, hopefully this is the last post on this site(move coming this weekend…..hopefully)

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W&M Media Day-Defensive backs

Posted by thetribehasspoken on August 13, 2006

This is probably the weak point of the defense, but with Derek Cox and Alan Wheeling I think it will be better than expected. Here is what Derek Cox thinks.

Derek Cox on the DB’s

“We’re young but we have good experience and we had a pretty good spring, so as long as we pay attention in meetings and come out and pratice hard, the field will take care of itself.”

Expectations on the season as a whole

“You always expect to do well, so we’ll just have to practice hard and the scoreboard will take care of itself.”

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W&M Media Day-Linebackers

Posted by thetribehasspoken on August 12, 2006

The strong point of the defense this season when it comes to depth and skill will be the linebackers. With the McLaurins, Josh Rutter, T.J O’Neill, and Chris Ndubueze, this will be very strong LB crew this season. I got a chance to talk to Chris Ndubueze, Josh Rutter, and Trevor and Travis McLaurin.

Travis McLaurin on his season expectations

“Just to come back healthy for a whole season instead of half, and contribute to the team as much as I can in any way possible.”

Travis McLaurin on the expectations for the LB’s as a whole

“To be leaders out there, and go to practice and lead defensively, and use the experience to our advantage.”

Trevor McLaurin on how he made the offense to defense switch so successfully

“I had great coaching, and a lot of help from my teammates and I felt I had the athleticism to make the switch, so it wasn’t too hard, I just had to get used to seeing the ball from the defensive side as opposed to the offensive side.”

Josh Rutter on how he will follow up this season after leading the team in tackles

“We’re going to have a real solid team, everbody is going to get a lot of playing time, so I just want to contribute to the team however I can, and play to the best of my abilities, and hopefully I don’t let the coaches down.”

Rutter about all the LB’s returning this season

“I think we’re going to be a real solid core, or unit. We have enough guys to make 2 starting rotations because we have a ton of talent there. I think we are going to look to the linebackers for leadership on the defense since we have a lot of guys returning this year, a lot of experience there, so I think we will be a real solid unit this year.”

Chris Ndubueze on his expectations for this season

“I’m optimistic, excited for a lot of new things, we have the new field, we’re playing Maryland, it’s really exciting, it’s my last year so I’m really looking foward to it.”

Chris on the new field

“It’s looks great, it feels great, it’s a combination of grass and turf, the best of both worlds.”

Chris on the Maryland game

“I expect a lot, I’m going back home, I’m from Maryland so I’m playing against some friends, playing in front of some friends and family. I played in MD’s stadium my senior year for our championship game, and it’s a great atmosphere, so I’m really excited, it should be a good game.”

Chris on our chances vs. MD 

“I definitely think we can beat them, I think we can beat everybody, but it’s about believing in the coaches, and trusting them to go get us prepared, and showing up and giving effort, that’s what it’s all about”

Tomorrow is the defensive backs, with Derek Cox.

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W&M Media Day-Defensive line

Posted by thetribehasspoken on August 11, 2006

Note:I am going to the beach for a week starting Friday, so I may or may not be able to post an update. 

The defensive line is certainly a question mark going into the season with the loss of all-I-AA end Adam O’Connor, but with experience in Josh Wright and Brian Williamson I think we will be just fine. He are some quotes from defensive end Josh Wright.

Filling the void of Adam O’Connor

“We have a lot of experience coming back, 2 starters from last year and 2 who were in the starting rotation, especially at DT. We have a great group of young guys to fill in and give us some depth at the other defensive end position and I think those guys will step up and take the care of that role pretty well.”

On the MD game

“I always love playing at big venues, a I-A game and it’ll be a night game which adds more excitement.”

On the 2 night games

“That[the 2 night games] will be fun. Especially being on new turf, I bet the fans are excited.”

On the new field

“We’ve been practicing out here all summer, a couple afternoons a week, and it’s just as good if not better than grass. When it gets wet, it doesn’t get slippery or muddy, and it’s just as quick if not quicker. Mud games are fun, but I sure am glad we got this turf.”

Tomorrow I’ll look at the Linebackers with quotes from the McLaurins, Josh Rutter, and Chris Ndubueze.

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W&M Media Day-Offensive Line

Posted by thetribehasspoken on August 10, 2006

The Offensive Line will be pretty young this year, but all-I-AA lineman Cody Morris will definitely be a strong anchor. The O-Line will be a key position this season, and here is what Cody Morris thinks about it and more.

On the offensive line

“Basacally we need to come together as a unit. The young guys are really good with their work ethic they have, and the knowledge they have, so I feel like they’ll come together well and work well as a unit.”

On being all-I-AA

“It feels pretty good, but the big thing is getting the team to win. It’s nice having the recognition, but getting the team to win is all I care about.”

Tomorrow is the D-Line and Josh Wright.

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W&M Media Day-Receivers

Posted by thetribehasspoken on August 9, 2006

The receiver position should be strong this year with SR. tight end Matt Trinkle, wide recievers Joe Nicholas, D.J. McAulay, and Elliot Mack. I got a chance to talk to Matt Trinkle and Joe Nicholas about the upcoming season.

Joe Nicholas on the loss of Josh Lustig

“He was a great reciever and knew the offense really well. He really showed us younger guys the ropes. It’s obviously a huge loss since he had so much experience playing-wise and just knowing the game, being around it his whole life. He showed us as much as he could and it will be a big loss but we have a lot of younger guys that will step up and do a real good job.”

Joe Nicholas on the new field

“I’m hoping it will help us, I’m obviously not the fastest guy, but I hope it will give us the extra step. I worked out on it at my high school all summer. It feels nice, I love it, I like it better than the grass, I’m just more comfortable.”

Joe on the Maryland game

“I’m excited about it. It’s always nice to play that big team, you feel like a superstar in front of 40 or 50 thousand people. We’re just going to go out and use it as a bar to see where we are individually and as a team. Everyone expects them to beat us, everyone expects their players to be a lot better than we are, so it’s a good test to see where we will be for the rest of the season”

Matt Trinkle on the field turf(has a different view than everyone else)

“I personally liked the grass, but in the long run it doesn’t make much difference. It is nice, but I prefer the grass”

Tomorrow is O-Line and Cody Morris.

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W&M Media Day-RB

Posted by thetribehasspoken on August 8, 2006

This season we also have 2 solid running backs, the pound-it-up-the-middle SR., Elijah Brooks, and the speedy Soph. DeBrian Holmes. I got a chance to talk with Elijah and incoming freshman Courtland Marriner.

Elijah on this season’s expectations

“Hopefully I can build on the individual success I had last season, but if I can’t improve statistically hopefully the team is much better.”

Elijah on the new field

“It’s a beautiful field and I feel like a lot of the time last year in rainy games we had problems with the surface, but now rain or shine I think the field will be great.”

Elijah on the UMD game

“It’s going to be good and go back home at Maryland which is right down the street from my highschool, so it’s going to be real fun. I know we have a good opportunity to beat them”

Courtland Marriner on how he fits in the offense this season

 “Hopefully I can take kicks on special teams, and I’ll see what play time I can get on the offensive side of the ball, but we haven’t even had our first practice yet, so I’ll just go with the flow”

Courtland on the MD game

“I’m excited. A big game on tv. If I can show out in this game, than maybe I can do something big, but I just want to help the team win this game however I can”

Tomorrow I will be posting my chat with Matt Trinkle and Joe Nicholas about the recievers.

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