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W&M Media Day-Defensive line

Posted by thetribehasspoken on August 11, 2006

Note:I am going to the beach for a week starting Friday, so I may or may not be able to post an update. 

The defensive line is certainly a question mark going into the season with the loss of all-I-AA end Adam O’Connor, but with experience in Josh Wright and Brian Williamson I think we will be just fine. He are some quotes from defensive end Josh Wright.

Filling the void of Adam O’Connor

“We have a lot of experience coming back, 2 starters from last year and 2 who were in the starting rotation, especially at DT. We have a great group of young guys to fill in and give us some depth at the other defensive end position and I think those guys will step up and take the care of that role pretty well.”

On the MD game

“I always love playing at big venues, a I-A game and it’ll be a night game which adds more excitement.”

On the 2 night games

“That[the 2 night games] will be fun. Especially being on new turf, I bet the fans are excited.”

On the new field

“We’ve been practicing out here all summer, a couple afternoons a week, and it’s just as good if not better than grass. When it gets wet, it doesn’t get slippery or muddy, and it’s just as quick if not quicker. Mud games are fun, but I sure am glad we got this turf.”

Tomorrow I’ll look at the Linebackers with quotes from the McLaurins, Josh Rutter, and Chris Ndubueze.


One Response to “W&M Media Day-Defensive line”

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