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Gene Nichol letter to NCAA

Posted by thetribehasspoken on June 16, 2006

Can be found here. Here is my highlight(though the letter is short)…

I add only that the William & Mary logo cannot reasonably be seen as violative of NCAA standards. It is not intended to be hostile and abusive. Nor is it regarded as such—either internally or externally. Present NCAA determinations of mascot policy—what is allowed and what is forbidden—are neither comprehensible nor capable of being sensibly defended. I’m guessing that members of the committee may realize this is so. An interpretation that penalizes the College of William & Mary while embracing the depiction of a brave on horseback, in war paint, plunging a flaming spear into the turf at midfield, to the delight of 85,000 chanting, tomahawking fans, is, at best, enigmatic.

 Sound familiar? Queue the wayback machine…

June 11, 2006. "I love University of North Dakota!"

If the NCAA doesn't let us keep the feathers(or Tribe), we need to follow in line. As I've said before, there is no way that 2 feathers and the name "Tribe" is more hostile and abusive than a guy with war paint on riding a horse while holding a flaming spear with 60,000 people shouting an indian chant and doing the "Tommahawk Chop".

Gene, if you're going to steal my stuff, at least give me credit!(-:

Anyway, the new turf has arrived at the stadium, and when I get a working digital camera I'll upload some photos onto the site.

Go Tribe!


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