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I love the University of North Dakota!

Posted by thetribehasspoken on June 11, 2006

For taking legal action against the NCAA. The letter is extremely long, so I'll cut out some of my favorite tidbits.

The NCAA's organizational arrogance extends to the innovative and abusive use of the English language. You indicated that Florida State University was exempted because it has a "special relationship" with the Seminoles. At the time you said this, Florida State enrolled just four Seminole students. We have one-hundred times more Indian students here, yet FSU's is a "special relationship" while ours, you say, is "hostile and abusive."

Right on!

The arrogance of this statement is appalling. It is as if to say, "American Indians may think it is OK, but the NCAA knows better," or perhaps, "If these tribes (now at least six in number) are not astute enough to recognize that they are the objects of hostility and abuse, let them wallow in it.

More good stuff…

Instead of the logical conclusion, that if American Indians, themselves, think Indian nicknames are OK, perhaps they really are OK, we get the latest in a long series of non-Natives deciding what's best for American Indians.

FINALLY! I've been saying this all along, and was wondering when somebody of importance would point it out.

We have more than 30 separate programs in support of American Indian education. Most of these are administered by a staff of seven American Indians. Most of the programs are based in a new American Indian Center funded by the University and by generous donors. These programs include a thirty-year-old Indians-Into-Medicine program which has educated about one-fifth of all (enrolled) American Indian physicians in the United States. Your action has, unfortunately, put all of this under a cloud of "hostile and abusive."

The more I read the better this letter gets!

By the way, it was widely and cynically noted here that "Pontiac" is a corporate sponsor of the NCAA. But perhaps this is unfair; both the NCAA and General Motors may well have gotten the permission of the descendants of Chief Pontiac or the Ottawa Tribe

Uh-oh. Hitting 'em where it hurts, the sponsers!

Imagine a scenario in which we bow to the NCAA and remove every vestige of our connection to our traditional nickname, and we earn the right to host one of the exempted schools, say Florida State, in a championship game. Your policy would allow Florida State to come into town with its logo and nickname proudly displayed, led by someone who paints himself up like an Indian "on the warpath" and carries a flaming spear. He could ride into our stadium on a horse and lead FSU fans in a tomahawk chop and an Indian chant. This, while our fans, then the obvious victims of an unfair and irrational policy, seethe in rightful anger.

And for my personal favorite…

Perhaps the most amazing thing is that through all of this except for stirring things up you have accomplished nothing. Your stand against Indian nicknames and logos a stand that seem to start out against all references to races and national origin fizzled before it started when you left out Irish, Celtics, Vandals, and a host of other names. Then, for highly convoluted, hypocritical, and in some instances mysterious reasons, you exempted the Aztecs and other American Indian nicknames at the outset and, following that, you exempted the use of Chippewa, the Utes, the Choctaws, the Catawbas, and the Seminoles, leaving the NCAA position on even American Indian nicknames about as solid as room-temperature Jell-O.

If the NCAA doesn't let us keep the feathers(or Tribe), we need to follow in line. As I've said before, there is no way that 2 feathers and the name "Tribe" is more hostile and abusive than a guy with war paint on riding a horse while holding a flaming spear with 60,000 people shouting an indian chant and doing the "Tommahawk Chop".

Go Tribe!

Screw the NCAA!

(Thanks to CAAZone for finding this…)


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